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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back With a Vengence

And eradication of Fruit Flies all over the fucking world.


They are evil. And this whole time I thought roaches were demon spawn...NOOOOO. Fruit Flies are.

They have taken over Redbird's cage. So much so that when I went to feed him a few minutes ago, I heard a collective hummmmmmm of their little evil wings. I told Master Wog that I think Red is planning world domination and using the flies as his army.

Whew, ok, had to get that off my chest.

So, I am still unemployed. Had a couple good interviews but no call back. And, may I just thank the Georgia Department of Labor AND my former employer for hookin' it up with my unemployment checks. I don't know how, and I don't know why, but my unemployment equals only about $250.00 less a month than my normal salary.

Woo to the mutha fuckin hoo.

A friend of mine offered me a job making a tid bit over minimum wage...I had to thank her kindly and move on. I left out the part about how I make (A SHITTON) more than that sitting on my ass and fighting fruit flies.

In other news, I have started making more and more jewelry. As it turns out, I don't like Soap Operas or The View, so there really isn't much more to do before 5:00 other than drink and watch TLC re-runs...but that didn't work out well. So I just started focusing on making jewelry and watching Discovery Channel re-runs. It has kept me occupied, which (according to Master Wog...and ONLY Master Wog) is better than sleeping til 3:00. Damnit.

In better news, I found out that not having a job makes it a lot easier to keep the house clean. Dude, seriously, my house is SPOTLESS. With the exception of that whole Demon fly army Redbird is hatching. I figured I would wait to see what type of strategy he and the demons are using before I kilt them dead.

I hope all of you out there in Blogdom are doing well. I am glad to be back, and will make a valiant effort to stay back...and not disappear into Kanye West's ego.


  1. Welcome back. Can we sees the jewelry, pleeeeeze?

  2. OH hiiiiiiiiiii!!!

    Guess the mutha fucken WHAT! So, since I didn't have a phone for a while I forgot to tell you that we found a family...NAY a FUCKING COMMUNE of German Roaches behind the plastic bags we have hanging in the ferret room. I came home and saw one on the floor and then my eyes kept going up and up and I realized the white trashbags looked awfully brownish in color...yeah, HUNDREDS! I stomped, vacuumed and poisoned the hell out of em.

    But back to the fruit flies...I found this thing at Kroger, you just put it in the room where the fruit fly issue is, and it releases a slow vapor that kills the evil bastards for up to four months!!!!! It is safe for animals. (unless they eat it of course) It is helping our issue in the animal room.

  3. Good luck on the job search!!

    I effin' HATE fruit flies! Jess went on a rampage with them when we had them last year (I think our parrot invited them or something!)

    What he did was put cups around the affected area with vinegar and a little bit of dishsoap in them and then made upside down paper "funnels" and put them in so they couldn't climb out. He got ALL of them, quick!

    I LOVED see the little fruit fly carcasses floating around...


  4. Kat - Thanks!!

    MD - Certainly! I will work on getting pics uploaded.

    Jess - EVIL. That is whack. I'll send Red's Army over to protect your house from any other infestations.

    Tina - I will have to try this. I think both of our birds are out to get us!