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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cleanliness is next to Goodwill, as long as you have trashbags

My aura has been cleansed! Thanks to my loverly friend Jess, my bedroom now looks more like a bedroom rather than a room at Goodwill.

I haven't done a complete clothes closet cleansing in approximately 4 years. WOW. So far, between Master Wog and I, there are 4 HUGE black trash bags SLAP FULL of clothes going to Goodwill. The best part, I haven't even gotten to the fucking closet yet. All of that was from drawers and stray shit that just got shoved into crevices in the black pit of house that is our bedroom.

I figured a good cleansing was necessary. See, what had happened was...my closet kind of....how do I put it....committed closet suicide.

We had one of those gangster wire organizers in there. Similar to this.

I was preparing to take a shower a couple weeks ago by picking out what I was going to put on. Standing in front of my closet, I pulled a shirt off a hanger...the whole fucking thing fell. Just flop. The top shelf was now on top of the shiton of shit that used to be a semi organized chaotic clusterfuck of shit. Mind you, this mofo was full. Absolutely NO space to hang or shelf space. No wall space, as a matter of fact. Strangely though, in my half awake daze of what-the-fuck-just-happened, my immediate thought was, 'Damn, I hope there wasn't a cat in there.'

I broke down this weekend and bought a new closet organizer. And beer to help me install it.

I begged and pleaded with Jess (ok, so I just asked her) to let me abuse her amazing organizational skills. And with a case o'beer and about 12 trash bags, we slowly made our way toward the closet. She helped me go through both my dresser and Master Wog's. Now, I am taking a break from going through all of the clothes and clutter on the floor of the closet. Holy shit, what was I thinking?

Hopefully I won't find a bogeyman.

Or a cat.


  1. Wow, you two did a damn good job! I could use that in my tiny place, but I'm an organizational moron!

  2. CJ - Thanks! I lack organization skills too, that is why I had to enlist Jessica's help. I will have to remember to take before and after pics when she comes over to help put the closet back together.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh before and after pics...why didn't we think of that before?!?! I could have done my sexy come hither pose on your bed!!! I am looking forward to closet cleaning! It will go so much faster than room cleaning! Go! Paint! NOW!

  4. Jess - I know! Probably because we were both drinking AND blowing our noses constantly. Wog and I are planning to paint this weekend, then beer:30 in the closet. Complete with pics!

    Shane Rocket - Thankfully, no, I did not. I did however, find a woman who claimed to have had sex with Tiger Woods. Weird, I know.