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Monday, July 27, 2009

O. M. G.

I met a famous person...

Well...famous only to me and the other 10 people that watch our local evening news.

Jess and Co., Master Wog and myself went down to our local (gay) karaoke bar for some well-deserved beer and off key singing when all of the sudden, I was star struck. In walks Mr. Don Logana, a local news anchor (who is quite cute). I have seen him reporting a bajillion times and had NO doubt that this was really him.

Mind you, we had been there for a while. It WAS beer bust for fuck's sake.

Master Wog played pool

We took semi-random, semi-posed pictures.

I realized my tattoo matched the beer bust stamp.

By this point, I was totally drunk enough to waltz over to Mr. Reporter Man and introduce myself. He was very nice, still cute and gay, which just made it SO much more amazing. At least I think he was...but i never ASKED out right, so I'm not really sure if he was or not. But it was like midnight, and we were in a GAY bar. So, we'll just assume.

He politely agreed to take a picture with me. this is the first one we got.

And then he said "Wait, no, let's take another one." Um. OK. Sure.

Boob grab anyone? Priceless.

And then after giggling our asses off, he asked to take one of Jess and I. And as much as we wanted to refuse (yeah-the-fuck-right) we ended with this picture.

That is hotness at its finest right there. I love how you can see us about to burst out in laughter. Note his hand at the bottom middle of the picture.

And then there was a karaoke singing puppet...

Which I still cannot completely wrap my brain around.

Then Jess showed us how to properly air rock.

Last but not least, a couple of shout-outs. Courtest of Jess' body.

Captain Dumbass.

Punk Rock Dad.

And some of my chunky whiteness for Mitzy.

All in all, a lovely night to say the least.


  1. OMG. Those are amazing photos. Really. And our faux kiss is HILARIOUS. Totally creepy puppet singing. Did NOT know what to say about that!

  2. You know that puppet comes to life after the bar closes and eats the last person passed out in the john.

    Love the tummy shout out, though the redness makes it look like it was carved there which is a little creepy.

    And reporter guy? Either not gay at all or trying to over do it because he was caught in a gay bar.

  3. What?!? You didn't want your name carved in my stomach?!? OMG...what am I going to do NOW?

  4. Jess - We rock. You know it.

    Captain D - I had a feeling that was the one. We did kind of carve it, the pen didn't want to write on her beautimous pale skin. I just thought the boob grab was priceless whether he was gay or not. I LOVE me some boob grabs.

  5. Oh. Emmm. Gee! That is so awesome, I am etched in your leg. I feel so loved, not to mention that is totally hot!

    That puppet is totally creepy.

  6. Being in a gay bar does not make you gay.. otherwise everyone that went to my going away party would be wearing pastels right now.

    Well.. I am wearing pastel, but I'm so totally not gay.


  7. Mitzy - You are so etched in my skin. And yes, that puppet was creepy.

    Deb - You are correct, if that was true, Master Wog would have some major splanin' to do. Probably.