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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ever seen a roach so scared it shit itself?

I have.

And now you have.

You may remember this post that Jess did over at This Life Is Mine several months ago. And if you have EVER read her blog, you know that we enjoy poop talk. We are alos fascinated by animal poop, like she said here. Every morning during our first smoke break of the day, we discuss our morning poop. Sometimes the color is funky, sometimes it was quite loud, and sometimes it was just a good ole poop.

But when I went to the bathroom this morning, as I do every morning at the office, I saw this little (HUGEFUCKINGCOCKROACHMOTHERFUCKER) guy laying on the floor, twitching at me. After taking a closer look, I realized there were tiny little roach turds laying right next to his almost dead body.

I thought to myself, damn, what a way to go. I figure he was either scared shitless, literally, or was in the middle of taking a monstrous milti-turd roach poop when he caught a whiff of the bug spray. Either way, he is almost dead, and almost dead is better than attacking me any day.

Editors Note: I am a lover of all things furry, fluffed and feather. But I HATE cockroaches. They are the epitome of pure evil, and they can all go to hell, where they belong.

Just sayin'.


  1. They are of Satan for sure! Glad he got his last poop out before he went.

  2. Oh the lovely Palmetto bug. What God was thinking when he created those little monsters....

  3. Jess - Yes, yes they are. Evil little bastards.

    Kat - He was thinking that he was going to create something that would out live us humans!!

  4. Lmao... He shit himself to death!

  5. That is hilarious.
    Thanks for showing me what roach poop looks like, I thought I had some in my bathroom but it's different from that. Glad it's not. Ugh, disgusting.