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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Burn Update: Day 81

But first... at little bit of cuteness. My Dukey.

Note: his feet are tangled. Who knew a 95lb dog could curl into a 10lb ball?

I told myself I wasn't going to put anymore burn pictures up as I didn't want to scare anyone off...but then I realized that there are a shitton people who are strange like me and fascinated with things like my burn. They also watch A LOT of Discovery Channel, TLC, Science Channel and National Geographic Channel (Shout out to my boy Caesar Millan!)

So here he is. Burney in all his glory.

Burney is finally starting to heal properly. My skin is now 'crawling' (as they say at Wound Care) over the wound. The periwound is still pretty red and irritated, but the wound itself is healing and that is what matters.

Oh, and I am still walking around half mummified. They have to put me in an Unna's Boot to promote healing, and calm some of the irritation.

Plus I look totally sexy walking around like this.

Can you even dye my leg to match my gown? Jolly good time!!


  1. Holy hell, that leg wrap is so totally hot! I have got to get me one of those.

  2. Yeah, your leg wrap has been turning me on for days...but I didn't want to say anything...

  3. Mitzy - Thank you. I will be sure to order you one next time I am at wound care.

    Jess - Don't you want me baby. You were SO all over it the other night in my sex dream.

  4. Burney is looking so so so much better!