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As you can see, I am still just me. 27 years old, born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. Almost 9 years into a relationship with the man I gave my heart to. We are the proud parents of 3 dogs and 2 cats. You will see them all here, a lot. I lost my mother November 18, 2008. I am now struggling to live life without her, but I have an amazing boyfriend and fantastic friends to help me through. Oh, and Duct Tape is the best invention. EVER.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greetings from the inside

This is Sidious, Sid, for short.

He is Syber Kitty's brother. Since sweet little Syber Kitty went to hang out with my mom for eternity, Sid HAS NOT stopped following me. I always knew that dogs have a higher sense of emotion, or sensing it in the least, but it seems Sid does too.

I came home yesterday from picking my car up from the shop (after spending almost $300 to fix the stupid AC, it is now blowing at 44 degrees. Woo to the hoo!)I pull up and see his little face sitting there, staring, almost as if he was waiting for me to get home. He rarely sits up in this particular window and has never been there when I have gotten home.

Needless to say, my night started out great. Knowing Sid's crazy little ass loves me (or at least he is good at pretending). But then.....

I washed the sheets, put the new fresh clean sheets on the bed, make the bed (VERY RARE), Dogs come inside...I smell it. You know smell, anyone who has ever owned a dog knows this fucking smell. SHIT. One of the dogs either, a) pooped in the house, or b)tracked it in from the backyard.

It was b). Duke had stepped in Kane's shit (and how I know it was Kane's shit I have no idea) in the backyard and tracked it ALL OVER the house, AND the new fresh clean comforter. DEATH! No, not really, it wasn't his fault. Plus he was giving me this face...

I then cleaned the hardwood floors with Lysol plus Bleach, cleaned his foot with warm water and a wee bit of Dial, changed comforters and went to sleepy sleep.

Now to see what today brings at Wound Care. I'm off to see the wizard!


  1. I dread that smell. Pullo has managed to go outside to go potty and 5 minutes later he will be at the front door covered in shit. Some random animal had pooped near our house and he thought it smelled so awesome that he wanted to wear it as cologne. Fucker.

    And that is such an adorable photo of Duke and Roxy.

  2. I had that smell in my house when the landlady came by...I thought it was the dog, but it turned out that my kid just has really bad smelling poop.

  3. Mitzy - Don't you love when they do that. Poop is never a good smell.

    Kat - Have you been feeding her plants? Jess said that is bad.

    Captain - Yes. His Christain name is Darth Sidious Maximus.

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