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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You forgot to flush

Master Wog and I bought this.

The Litter Kwitter.

It is supposed to aid us stupid humans in toilet training our cats...and by toilet, I mean toilet. It uses a combination of several different types of rings to get your cat to get comfortable enough on the toilet to actually use it.

If you care to, you can go here to learn more. Even if you don't want to learn more, I highly suggest going to this site for just a moment to see the video (at top left) of all the different cats on the toilet. I have watched it over and over again and I still giggle. WHAT?! Its funny!

I HATE cleaning the litter box. I 'forget' to do it until it starts to stink, then I am cussing at the cats for pooping in a box. (Not right, I know) And with three cats, it gets pretty nasty. So, Wog and I figured we would try this. what is the worst that would happen? It doesn't work and we are back to litter boxes and out of $30.00?. But, what if it works? What if I am able to get all three of my cats to poop and pee in the toilet.




How awesome would that be?!

So far, we are on step 1: getting the cats used to the ring overall. It is on the floor next to the toilet. All three have been using it and haven't seemed to have a problem with it. Although, Flea was a little skeptical at first...but he is the litter thrower of the bunch. He prefers play over poop.

Tonight, I hope to move to step 2: moving the ring to the toilet.

Now, if only they made something to train the dogs to cook dinner...


  1. Let me know if that mofo works cause I have a litter flinger of my own.

  2. Good luck with that. If it works for you, I may try to train my rotten cats too! I hate having to clean the litter box. (Alot of times I get Ronnie to do it though.)

  3. How about getting the bird to pay the bills?

  4. Kat - You know it!

    Mitzy - Thanks, I really hope it works. I wish Wog would clean the litter box...HA!

    Mama - I should!! I could get a video of him and his can making with the sweet birdy love and become a hundredaire!!

  5. I am still interested to find out if this works! I WILL be taking video of my own if it does. Especially of Kitty...LMAO LMAO LMAO! And it will be especially funny to get the cats drunk and see if they FALL in the toilet...yes, indeed that would!