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Friday, June 19, 2009

An extra critter for the weekend

This is Midnight.

She belongs to a friend of Master Wog's and we are dog sitting her this weekend.

Now, I'm not sure if I have mentioned my animals in my blog before or not...heh...but we have 7. Yes. SEVEN. My dogs themselves equally approximately 235lbs. Midnight weights about 5lbs.

I was so concerned that Duke was going to step on her, or try to squeak her like a toy...when she got to our house last night, I was speechless. She literally ran circles around the dogs.

Roxy thinks she is evil. Duke wants nothing to do with her, Kane on the other hand, thinks that she is his own personal living toy.

They kept each other busy, running around the house, chasing each other.

Then Midnight met our cats (which, by the way, all 3 of the cats are MUCH larger then her). That did not work so well. They didn't know what to think. The cats get along with our dogs fine, they even play with each other...but this little mini dog? Hell to the nah.

Flea and Sid chased her around the house, hissing as they went. I think that Kitty (the fat one) just wanted to eat her.

After all was calm...she jumped on Wog's shoulder and tried to eat his beard.

She looks a lot like a vampire bat in this picture, doesn't she?

All in all, she is quite adorable, BUT I prefer my big, slow, stupid dogs over little, fast, adorable, whiny ones ANY DAY.


  1. I particularly love the picture of Duke sitting on the arm rest of the couch...those are classic poses!!