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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woodrow Willow Woodpeckerson, IV

But first, a quick shout out to my sister who is 16 today!!! Happy Birthday Sara!!! And, NO you cannot drive my car!!

A while ago, I wrote about Woodrow Willow Woodpeckerson, III.

Since the Starling RUDELY took over Woody's house, I have not seen him or his family. I still blame the European Starling. Bastard.

BUT, today, Jess and I caught a glimpse of what I believe to be Woody’s son. I know it isn't Woody because of the difference in size and coloring between he and his son. I can only assume he got his mother's thighs and eyes.

Meet Woodrow Willow Woodpeckerson, IV.

I shall call him Quarter. (Being that he is Woodrow Willow Woodpeckerson, IV...get it? the fourth, quarter of one cup...I am just so damn clever sometimes.) (NOT.) I am happy to announce that Quarter and family have now taken up shop their ancestral home in the tree next to our work smoking area. This is a great pleasure for me, as Woody and I were very close. He would holler at his girl (me) from across the street when I walked into work. I can only hope his son has the same affinity for red high heels.

For old times sake, I want to give a quick shout out to my boy Woody, where ever he may be. If he isn't still flying around hollering at girls with red heels on, hopefully he is chillin' with mom, MJ and Syber Kitty (among others)

Yay for new Red Bellied Woodpeckers!


  1. Why are they called red bellied when it is their head that is red...and their belly quite white?

  2. Jess - Not a clue. I did research on this and still found no answer. Damn scientists, trying to confuse us.