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Friday, January 16, 2009

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

I had full intention of writing this morning and introducing my children. All 7 of them. But as I was getting ready to leave the house this morning, I saw something life changing. I could not believe I was actually witnessing this.

How did it happen?

How could they do this?

What about the girl?

Will they ever stop lying to the rest of the family?

What will his brothers think?

But, as I sit here, I realize, not everything is as bad as it seems. Sometimes, love can be found in the strangest places. Like on top of electronics. Yes people, my two male cats, are totally in love.

Meet Fleamus and Sidious Maximus.

*Kitty, the female, was not available for photographs this morning. She was so distraught over the boys' love she hid under the bed, we asked her to comment and all she would say is "I'm not fat!''She really is. Although no one has the heart to tell her to her face.

This is after they were caught. Aren't they sickening?

I have a very interesting post coming titled Corn: The Body's Cockroach. Thanks Brad.


  1. I know where you're comging from. My two male cats are gay,too.

    Here's proof. http://twodogsrunningsouth.blogspot.com/2008/07/friday-foto-finish-fiesta_24.html

  2. I blame Jess. It is always her fault. That isn't the first time I caught them. They have tainted, 2 couches, a bookshelf, the kitchen counter and now my TV. What ever shall I do.

  3. WTF? Blame me?!? OK, fine. Whatever. I know the truth though...it is -12 degrees in your house and they were just trying to stay warm. I have been known to snuggle up to Paul, giving the impression that I like him or something, but no, I am just trying to stay warm in that antartic space you call home.

  4. OH, and I tagged you...you have rec'd an award. I know you will have no idea what to do with this...

  5. I think it's fitting coming from your house. Haha.