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As you can see, I am still just me. 27 years old, born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. Almost 9 years into a relationship with the man I gave my heart to. We are the proud parents of 3 dogs and 2 cats. You will see them all here, a lot. I lost my mother November 18, 2008. I am now struggling to live life without her, but I have an amazing boyfriend and fantastic friends to help me through. Oh, and Duct Tape is the best invention. EVER.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Very 1st MeMe!!

Apparently tagging means...like, tag, your it! Or, do this shit now bitch! And there are rules? What the hell kind of Internet is this?! 10 honest things about me? Hold on kids, I WILL STOP THIS CAR.

1. I have 3 large dogs, Duke (90lb Bloodhound/Lab), Kane (80lb Golden Retriever), and my sweet baby girl Roxy (50lb Dalmatian runt). I also have 3 cats, Flea, Sid and Kitty. And Redbird. A Red Lory. He is evil.

2. My favorite movie of all time is My Fair Lady, followed very closely by Moulin Rouge. But I don't usually care for sappy chick flicks. Weird. I know.

3. I cook. A lot. And I make very strange things sometimes. Well, actually, I just throw a bunch of shit in a pot and hope for the best.

4. I make a dish dubbed Butthole Surprise. It consists of tater tots, chili, and cheese, layered and baked.

5. My mother passed away November 18, 2008. I am still having a very, very hard time dealing with it. I pretend, very well, that I am ok. But I'm really not.

6. I find myself getting more emotional about stray dogs than I do about homeless people. Or cats. Cats are whores.

7. My boyfriend has a 16 inch beard, and he's bald, by choice. Freak of nature he is.

8. I can watch reruns of House M.D. any day. All day. I love it. I also just found out I missed the new House last night. Jessica made me watch Intervention. Hooker.

9. I am a type 2 diabetic. I take at least 3 insulin shots a day and check my blood sugar between 5 and 10 times a day. I recently came out of the denial stage when my mom passed away from complications from diabetes. I am trying hard to not follow the same path she did.

10. I love my job. I was recently promoted to Legal Assistant from receptionist. I have been here for 3 years and could not ask for more. I love my boss and the people I work with.

And now moving on to more important things, it is time for the morning poop talk and smoke break.

But first, Jessica gave me this award the other day. Thanks Hookercheese!!!

Happy Inauguration Day!!!


  1. I always feel more for homeless animals than humans. I feel humans have a choice whereas animals do not.

  2. But the important question is: Are you watering my orchids?? BE HONEST NOW...............

  3. I feel ya Mama. If I could, I would have a bajillion dogs. They have no choice, and most of the time, do not use change to buy liquor.
    When I grow up I want to be Cesar Millan.

    Yes Deb. I am water your stinkin' orchids. And the Money Tree. And the little weed looking thing you called a Mimosa. I even brought my own plant, and guess what, he is SO much bigger than your stinkin' orchids. But Jess forgot about Walter. I think we may need to put him out of his misery soon.

  4. Like Deb said, WATER THE ORCHIDS!!! :)

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