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Monday, May 4, 2009

Because I STILL know NO ONE is sick of my burn yet...

Well, the good news is that it is healing. The bad news is that I developed a strange rash directly behind the wound on the back of my leg over the weekend. So far, the rash is not Cellulitis, like I feared. It is just a rash from an allergic reaction I had with the dressings they were using. So, now, they can't tape the bandage on, they have to do this...

Yeah, overkill, I know. But at least it is healing.

I guess now when I hop out of my car (that belonged to my mother, that STILL has her handicap tag on it) I kind of look like it is for me.

But don't worry, I do not illegally park in handicapped parking places.

Unless it is 2am.

And Jessica is with me.

And we are going to a bar.

I only did it once!! I swear!!!

Bye ya'll.


  1. Laughing my mutha fuckin ass off over here! You look like you are halfway done with your zombie outfit for Halloween!

    And that whole parking at the handicap thing at the bar WAS totally fine, because there were more handicap spaces open AND if I didn't get a beer soon I was going to break someones leg and then someone WOULD have been handicap for sure.

    Besides, your Mom said we could.

  2. OHhhhhhhhh and I had cellulites once...like when I first moved here. I went to see Joe for some strange rash itchy thing on my leg and she is all like HOLY FUCK you have cellulites. She put me on some kick ass antibiotics that stunk like a stripper's twat, but they worked GREAT! Anyway, that is all to say that I am glad you don't have it cause it was very itchy, but it was an itch you couldn't scratch cause it was all under the skin and shit.

  3. Jess - She totally did, waving her ethereal cane and everything.

    You've got it all wrong, I am a mummy. Get it right.

  4. Hehe, my spell check made it say cellulites instead of Cellulitis. Whatevs.

  5. Ok I am done commenting now.

  6. SEE! That is what I think it is, but the doc was all "No ma'am, it is just irritation and an allergic reaction..." Bull hockey do. What, do you think just becuase you went to 8 years of medical school you know what you are talking about?! Pshaw. I have wikipedia.

  7. At least if you run out of toilet paper, you have a back up source! Do you still get to do maggot therapy?

    And those shoes rock.

  8. Mitzy - Thanks love! And yes, I totally have enough to cover at least...a day at my house. I hope I still get to do maggot therapy. I am looking forward to naming them now.

  9. Ok I just ate lunch and then read maggot therapy and almost lost my lunch. Thanks for that Larkin and Mitzy.

  10. You need a picture of that position with your red slut shoes on.