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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Woodrow Willow Woodpeckerson, III

Meet Woody.

He is my buddy. He and his family live in a tree right outside of our office, adjacent to our smoke-break table. We go out to smoke and he flies to the tree and starts chirping and hollering, almost saying, "what's up homies!!!" The past few days, I have noticed a strange new black bird hanging out near his home.

This is him.

Curious, I researched the two different species.

Woodrow, or Woody, as we lovingly refer to him, is a Red Bellied Woodpecker. The black fucker is an European Starling. He is evil, because I said so. In my research I discovered that the Starling, or Fuckhead, as I will now refer to him, is a very aggressive bird and will almost always steal a Red Belly's nest.

Then I realized, this SOB is trying to evict my Woody! WTF?! Hell to the Nah.

I go outside a few minutes later to find the two birds in a fierce battle for territory. (OK, it wasn't really 'fierce' per say, it was more like the Fuckhead looking down at Woody going "Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, you can't beat me.") That is when my craziness kicked in....I started yelling and throwing stuff at Fuckhead. Yeah, I know, weird. But that Mofo is lucky I didn't call the damn cops.

Fuckhead flies away, and then Woody hops down to a lower part of the tree and calls out to me like, "thanks". Like I said, he is my friend.

I saved his ass this time by throwing dirt and mulch and yelling. Next time, I am bringing my imaginary BB gun and pegging his ass.

In the meantime, I did manage to catch a few nice pics of Woody and his house. Enjoy.


  1. How cool! Those are some nice shots of Woody. And damn those European Starlings for being such fuckheads.
    We have a hawk that lives in a tree outside our office. I think he wants to eat the schizophrenic squirrel that runs around the parking lot.

  2. I sure do love him. He is just tooooo cute!

  3. He's lived there for years - or his ancestor did. I used to see him out there years (& years) ago.

    How long to woodpeckers live anyway?

    BTW.. Love your talent for naming things. hehe

  4. Fuckhead totally had it coming.

  5. Woody IS beautiful and I'd fight off Fuckhead for him too! Good for you! :)