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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Red strikes again

Here is more proof.

Proof that this little son of a bitch is more intelligent than I could have ever imagined. He made a bed. Yes, a bed. To sleep on.


I was in the kitchen cooking last night and glanced over at Redbird in the dining room, he had the can on his head again. I was thinking to myself, "Awesome! I can get another picture to show everyone that I didn't just throw the can on his head and take a picture!" I went to grab my camera, got back to his cage and realized the little fucker had pulled the sheet (that covers the back and sides of his cage so he doesn't shit all over the hardwood floors) inside of the cage just enough to make himself a comfortable little birdy bed.

After rudely waking him up, and him being VERY upset with me, he was ready for his close up.

He is an EVIL little shithead, but I'll be damned if he ain't purdy.


  1. What a character!!! I love it! I always wanted a bird, but the next "thing" that comes into our home better be wearing diapers and calling me mama at some point!

  2. Lmao... that bird is crazy, but quite crafty with pulling the sheet in and putting the can on his head. Next, you need to post a video of him cussing you out.

  3. LOL...I still think he is cute!

  4. Don't Lick The Ferrets - Thanks! If I could put Red in a diaper, I totally would, he poops EVERYWHERE. And, strangely, he calls me Mama, but only when he wants pineapple!

    Mitzy - I am working on getting the video. I may have been a wee bit too intoxicated last night to film. hehe.

    Jess - I think he would be a perfect addition to your petting zoo. Bobsy would love him!! We could have shared custody, how's that sound?

  5. You intoxicated? Never. I don't believe it.