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As you can see, I am still just me. 27 years old, born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. Almost 9 years into a relationship with the man I gave my heart to. We are the proud parents of 3 dogs and 2 cats. You will see them all here, a lot. I lost my mother November 18, 2008. I am now struggling to live life without her, but I have an amazing boyfriend and fantastic friends to help me through. Oh, and Duct Tape is the best invention. EVER.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


That I am not as crazy as I usually sound.

Meet Redbird.

Meet Redbird sleeping with his best friend, Can, on his head.

You can't make this shit up. Every time Master Wog or myself try to take the can out of his cage, he goes absofuckinlutely nuts. I think this can in particular is about 4 years old. He really, truly, loves his can. He feeds it, plays with it, talks to it and best of all, sleeps with it on his head.

SO, I just let him have it. A happy Redbird, is a happy Larkin

'Nuff said.


  1. That is a damn riot! He really feeds it?

  2. That bird is sooooo freakin funny! You can't help but love him!

  3. Mitzy - Yes. He does, he picks it up and holds it in his food dish and puts fod IN the can, as he wispers softly to it.

    Jess - You know it. My next goal is to get a video of him cussing at me. Help. Please. K. Thanks.

  4. Kat - Thanks! You want him? ;)

  5. I don't think he would make the trip across the Atlantic.

  6. And I thought a dog with its own stuffed animal was odd!