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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Burn Update: Day 49

Because I am on this let's-name-EVERYTHING kick, my burn will now be called Burney, I am so clever.

It is still there, and now hurts more than ever. Turns out in order for Burney to heal properly, it has to stay moist. (I know, we all grew up hearing, "it needs to breathe or it won't heal!" well, shove it, Grandma.) I have learned that when it dries out, it HURTS. And whatever is immediately over the wound will dry as well and stick to it. I have never known pain like that. Fucking. Ow.

This is no scab or paper cut, this is FRESH FLESH with no protection. Just to clarify.

The other night Burney woke me up at around 3am, I got up to see what it was screaming about, it had dried out and the gauze was now hard and almost crunchy and stuck in the wound. I left it alone and tried my best to get back to sleepy beddy bye. Got up around 8 to shower and get ready for work. All the while, Burney is throbbing and screaming at me to let him out. He had decided he was hot, and STRIPPED while I was asleep. the entire part that was covering him slid down PAST the wound and the outer gauze was now stuck in him. W. T. F. Burney?

I got it wet enough to get it unstuck, but all day yesterday the pain was almost excruciating.

Like, for real.

I went to Wound Care today and they are very pleased with the progress Burney has made over the last week or so. Most of the dead tissue is gone although there is a bit left on there. I may not have to do Maggot Therapy (uberbummer). But Burney has gotten smaller and is healing and that is what matters.

SO, my leg has not fallen off. Just thought you should know.

I took this the other day,

I thought it strangely resembled this weird looking thing...


  1. I am still LMAO about how much that storm looked like your burn!! OH and by the way, you have been tagged!


  2. "the national wheather service in charleston has issued a severe burn capable of producing nacrotic tissue and possible throbing"

    P.S. "im a pig, im a pig"